Katie of Katie Hipwell Design wanted styled product photography for her new children’s interior range. 


Katie needed imagery that would showcase her gorgeous new collection of wallpapers and fabrics. I knew that would mean finding all the right props and cute little people for models, so I set about sourcing for a perfect shoot. 


A mood board and itinerary were created for the day to ensure each scene was organised with regular breaks included.  


Displaying the wallpaper was the first challenge, so I commissioned Carpenter Simon McKeown to build a custom stand to paste the papers onto. 


With the perfect backdrop complete, I mixed up the children’s fabric prints with pops of colour using the props I’d found. 

Image-2 (6).png
Image (11).png
Image-1 (5).png

I instinctively knew which brands would best suit Katie’s range and I designed custom marquee lights to compliment the key colours and shapes for each wallpaper and fabric combination. 


Bold pom pom trims were used to finish off cushions and drapes by a very exclusive Seamstress - my mum !! 

Image-3 (5).png
Image-5 (4).png
Image-1 (6).png

Fifty Seven in Dulwich was the venue for the shoot. It’s just the perfect size and feel, it’s also flooded with natural light which is always a welcome bonus for pictures. 


The models - Theo (Katie's son),Wilf (Katie's nephew), Alfie, Stan, Poppy, Amani and Zayd had a ton of fun, bringing giggles and natural play to each scene. 

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Image-6 (2).png

I’m delighted to say since the shoot Katie has featured in the press, various blogs, gift guides and her business is going from strength to strength. 


If you are a Maker, Designer or Retailer and you would like me to develop a similar project for you please contact me to arrange a pre-shoot consultation. 


Selena, Iggy Mint. 

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