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Iggy Mint started in 2015 designing marquee lights for modern homes and evolved into a styling and photography service to businesses worldwide. Helping artists, brands and retailers create stunning lifestyle imagery for magazine editorials, social media content, the web and exhibition stands. 

  • Product Styling

  • Lifestyle Photography

  • Creative Marketing

  • Set Design

  • Brand Consultancy

  • Product Design

  • Workshops

  • Art Direction

  • Interior Styling

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"Iggy Mint created some beautiful imagery for me on a recent shoot of some of my fabric and wallpaper. She manages to capture a bit of magic in each photo!" - Katie from Katie Hipwell Design

"Love Selena's work" - Rachel from Gooseberryfool

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"You're great at styling! Like really great. The colours you've added in, drinks etc and the vibe is just perfect!"


"The big smiles are perfect. You have a really nice clean style. You manage to blend product shots with plenty of feeling but without it being too overwhelming." - Yasmin, Founder of Post from Panda and Author of Mr Mustachio

"Selena is awesome!" - Anna, Editor of Little Flea Magazine

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